Acting on Impulses

from by cloudunconscious.



Far from all these places,
and I can't seem to find my way home.
Somehow I've forgotten
every single face that I've known.
I can't bear to lead you astray,
even after all you've done.
You made me drink this poison,
now look at what I've become.

It's all in the evidence I missed.
Coherent, transparent.
Why couldn't I have thought of this?
A lost cause, forget it.
Where is this medicine I crave?
My sickness, it worsens.
Questions left with answers you could never give me, and nor could I you.

Day in day out
left to my own devices
Nowadays I mostly just sit in silence
wondering what could've been,
and where it went.

Pick apart the pieces of my brain;
put them in any order.
Such a fucking shame, I can't abstain
the sight of your frame.
Here we go again, I'm on my own.
Back on this lonesome road.
Make a quick recovery.
The surgeon said to me.

Find the blue lights
and let me know when you get there


from cloudunconscious., released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


cloudunconscious. Washington, D.C.

Euphemisms for a series of crises.

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