Forever, The Dying Light

from by cloudunconscious.



the sound of me
speaking in disbelief
relieves my aching head.
And the thought of you leaving
was only but a dream to me.
Until there came a day
when I saw
light peering from shades.
There was nothing
there for us to be sheltered from,
or was there?

And I hate to admit
that part of me wishes
I hadn't strayed
so far from you.
But in the other hand,
from all I've watched unfold..
Never again indulge the plight of the pathogen.

We'll spend the night
for what happened
When the flood began
to take the shape of
your face.
There is nothing sound,
and it's not safe out.
So I guess I'll just
stay inside for now.

until I'm outside.

Countless nights of
knowns and unknowns
and staying out til we're frozen cold
and hopeless
left us
without a word to speak.

I'd love nothing more
than to take this
knife out of my back,
but it seems that
without it I'd break.
And honestly
I'd love nothing more
than to make this
something lack luster
longer lasting;
all for one more day.

Every day's the same.
It just feels like
nothing gets better.
Sometimes it feels right.
And other times, I don't care to mention
anything about what's been happening
all the while I have been hurting
all of this time that I've been searching for
something worth more than the last dance.
You've been slipping far from my hands.

How do I
not curse
your name?
How do I
still stand
the sight of
your face.


from cloudunconscious., released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


cloudunconscious. Washington, D.C.

Euphemisms for a series of crises.

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